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Hank Patterson's Outdoor MisAdventures

Oct 29, 2020

This week takes us on a random journey of topics including Hank cancelling his gym membership, another in a long list of why you shouldn't play golf, Shiela's pet deer and a dedication to all the sad sack, unsuccessful hunters and fishers and much much more. Enjoy!

Oct 22, 2020

Words of wisdom... Will likely not be uttered in this episode. Hank makes friends with a skunk, drowns his phone in the river, considers a lawn mowing career, reminds us all that "it ain't the gears fault" and advises us where you can find the most reliable outdoor gear for your next trip. Enjoy! 

Oct 15, 2020

Here's more information about the mating habits of the porcupine than you should ever need, along with a solid reason to never job in Utah, how to make an award winning cobbler and finally a deep, meaningful, transcendental, life affirming conversation about the finite nature of life and how it effects our outdoor...

Oct 8, 2020

You won't want to miss parts of this one! Corporate golden parachutes, bears recycling, Grizzly Prints, Hank's week at a VRBO in Island Park, Idaho and finally some insight into the etiquette of inviting and being invited on a fishing trip. Hambone! FlapJack! 

Oct 1, 2020

So you want to be a mountain man...  Join Hank and Kevin for a conversation about Dan Haggerty's beard, the real Jeremiah Johnson, liver recipes, ornery mules, Mt. Man hygiene, The Revenant and other complete nonsense.