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Hank Patterson's Outdoor MisAdventures

Jul 25, 2019

There's no better camping companion than a dog. Unless it's a dog that bites people in the face or a dog that never stops barking or unless you're an owner who yells at the dog to stop barking more than the dog actually barks or unless your dog hates the outdoors.  Other than that, there's no better camping companion. ...

Jul 18, 2019

Finally, a rambling podcast that goes right to the heart of the controversial issues associated with how we, as a society, define what is or is not camping and what should or should not be considered a campground.  Listen. Camp. Learn nothing. Repeat.  

Jul 11, 2019

Among other nonsense, Hank, Alex and Kevin discuss camp hosts cleaning bathrooms, gluten free beer, exploding whales and whether or not to watch movies while camping. 

Jul 4, 2019

Hey everybody! We're taking the week off for the 4th of July. Here's a mini episode to get you through the holiday.  It's all about fireworks, thunder vests for dogs, Alex's mom's farm and laying eggs.  Happy 4th of July! Celebrate safely.