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Hank Patterson's Outdoor MisAdventures

Mar 28, 2019

Hank and fishing guide buddy friend Chris Ger-O-No! share stories from their 8 day float down the Arolik River in Alaska. You'll learn very little while laughing a lot.  

Mar 21, 2019

In this episode Hank is joined by friend Kevin Nielsen to discuss the dangers of visiting, adventuring and vacationing in Yellowstone National Park. Hank shares his never tried and likely not true methods of survival, a wealth of statistical misinformation and a hell of a lot of laughs in what he considers and "instant...

Mar 14, 2019

At long last, Hank Patterson's first ever Podcast.  Welcome to the disaster! On this episode Hank focuses, as he often does, on Hank. What makes Hank tick? What are Hank's credentials? What are Hank's earliest memories of camping and fishing?  Joining Hank is our resident indoorsman, Kevin Nielsen.  It's our first,...