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Hank Patterson's Outdoor MisAdventures

May 25, 2023

The bleeeeep count on this weeks episode is an an all time high! We begin with Hank on his "how to be a better human being" soap box before he and Kevin launch into a discussion about the harshest environments human beings call home and the world's most remote bars. Enjoy! 

May 18, 2023

This week Hank and Kevin are talking about getting out fly fishing, how not to rob a Subway Sandwich shop and the many ways to die in a National Park.  Enjoy! 

May 11, 2023

This is an episode best suited for the grown ups. You've been warned. This week, Hank and Kevin and Jake are discussing weiner shaped ice bergs, pooping in buckets, Arkansas neighbors, Moose at the movies, fruit roll up smuggling and Hank's observations on MisAdventures in Disneyland.  Enjoy! 

May 4, 2023

This week Hank and Kevin are talking smack about "influencers", the war betwixt tennis and pickleball and the harrowing survival story of four men, including Yossi Ghinsberg, lost in the Bolivian jungle. Enjoy! Hambone!