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Hank Patterson's Outdoor MisAdventures

Apr 30, 2020

This week, Hank is joined by his friend Jake to randomly discuss baking, Oreos, Sesame Street and how to discourage others from camping or fishing near you. Enjoy! 

Apr 23, 2020

Buckle up, this one's a doozy...  After a rousing conversation involving cow urine and essential oils, Hank and Kevin are talking about what they most look forward to getting out and doing in the great outdoors when the country opens back up. Enjoy! 

Apr 16, 2020

Somewhere among the nonsense Hank and Kevin discuss drinking while working at home, rat cannibalism, urine particulates, tax write offs and how close is too close when camping, hiking and hiking.  Enjoy! 

Apr 9, 2020

This week Hank is turning that frown upside down, finding silver linings, discussing poop way too much, finding positives in a sea of negatives, changing his perspective and giving detailed instruction on how best to "rough it" in your own back yard.  Enjoy! Hambone! 

Apr 2, 2020

Here's the beginning of what's sure to be a crazy Season Two of the show! Sitting alone in the studio, weathering the pandemic and earthquake near his home, Hank shares thoughts on our current quarantine situation, hoarding, finding help, giving help and then calls a few friends to chat about the three things they plan...